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Old Man Diving Into Po
Genre: Fail
Views:159 | 2014-03-23

Loading A Truck Onto A
Genre: Fail
Views:166 | 2014-03-20

Swinging On A Lamppost
Genre: Fail
Views:1948 | 2014-03-19

Car Pileup From Snowy
Genre: Extreme
Views:99 | 2014-03-18

Woman Reacts To Being
Genre: Fail
Views:44 | 2014-03-15

Deer Vs Hunter- Epic H
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Views:259 | 2014-03-01

Drunk Guy On The Secur
Genre: Fail
Views:29 | 2014-02-27

Crazy Bull Running Vid
Genre: Extreme
Views:107 | 2014-02-27

Showboating Too Early
Genre: Sports
Views:77 | 2014-02-25

Driving A Motorcycle F
Genre: Fail
Views:64 | 2014-02-23

How Not To Drive A Bik
Genre: Sports
Views:58 | 2014-02-13

Funny Sand Pot Hole Pr
Genre: Pranks
Views:149 | 2014-02-11

Throw Em A Beer
Genre: Fail
Views:38 | 2014-02-08

Kid Crashes Bmw Into R
Genre: Fail
Views:51 | 2014-01-31

Fat Woman On Hole In T
Genre: TV Show/Movie
Views:76 | 2014-01-26

One Really Bad Day In
Genre: Video Games
Views:130 | 2014-01-25

Runaway Car At Gas Pum
Genre: Fail
Views:79 | 2014-01-19

Cannonball Into Frozen
Genre: Fail
Views:204 | 2014-01-16

Spinning Karate Kick D
Genre: Fail
Views:128 | 2014-01-11

Price Is Right- Celebr
Genre: TV Show/Movie
Views:137 | 2014-01-11

Dirt Snowboarding Fail
Genre: Fail
Views:30 | 2013-12-09

Bike Race Finish Epic
Genre: Fail
Views:107 | 2013-12-04

Deandre Jordan Alley
Genre: Sports
Views:70 | 2013-12-03

Really Bad Guitarist G
Genre: Music
Views:34 | 2013-11-29

Frozen Canal Crossing
Genre: Fail
Views:41 | 2013-11-27

Girl Gets Blown Over B
Genre: Fail
Views:112 | 2013-11-25

Texting On Live Tv Fai
Genre: Fail
Views:27 | 2013-11-24

Fan Sliding On Upperde
Genre: Fail
Views:44 | 2013-11-23

Cactus To The Leg
Genre: Fail
Views:34 | 2013-11-07

Sleeping Cow Wakes Up
Genre: Extreme
Views:229 | 2013-11-05

Zebra Attacks Woman In
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Views:779 | 2013-01-28

Eagle Picks Up A Baby
Genre: Extreme
Views:271 | 2013-01-26

Pelican Visits Some Li
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Views:185 | 2013-01-23

Trampoline Double Fail
Genre: Fail
Views:263 | 2013-01-22

Insane Tow Truck Accid
Genre: Extreme
Views:184 | 2013-01-21

Moving A Shipping Cont
Genre: Fail
Views:72 | 2013-01-20

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