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Power Strip Hack
Genre: Cool Technology
Rating:60% Views:931

How To Wake Up Your Gi
Genre: Pranks
Rating:75% Views:928

Drunk Guy On Scissor L
Genre: Funny
Rating:88% Views:919

Funniest Thing Ever
Genre: Funny
Rating:89% Views:908

How To Catch A Kangaro
Genre: WTF?
Rating:62% Views:906

The Static Dog
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Rating:94% Views:901

Reverse Psychology At
Genre: Kids/babies
Rating:85% Views:897

Funny Self Defense Vid
Genre: WTF?
Rating:100% Views:887

Annoying Lady Gets Sla
Genre: Funny
Rating:73% Views:876

Mother Interrupts Vide
Genre: Fail
Rating:67% Views:873

Baby Elephant Sneezes
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Rating:94% Views:872

Black Man Loves Pokemo
Genre: Funny
Rating:75% Views:868

Pole Dancing Fail
Genre: Fail
Rating:86% Views:858

Kid Playing Dance Cent
Genre: Kids/babies
Rating:87% Views:858

Chihuahua Flamenco Dan
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Rating:100% Views:855

Obama Kicks Door Open
Genre: Funny
Rating:82% Views:846

Scary Car Commercial
Genre: Commercials
Rating:90% Views:841

Cute Wrestling Match B
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Rating:91% Views:841

Rhinoceros Vs Warthog
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Rating:86% Views:839

Kid Tries To Drink Fro
Genre: Kids/babies
Rating:100% Views:838

Dumb Blonde Pole Dance
Genre: Fail
Rating:55% Views:838

Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitt
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Rating:86% Views:835

Dog Pushes Girl For A
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Rating:90% Views:825

Baby Laughing At Dad R
Genre: Kids/babies
Rating:100% Views:822

Dog Humps Old Lady
Genre: Funny
Rating:57% Views:820

Dumbest Millionaire Co
Genre: Fail
Rating:100% Views:817

Porta Potty Shower Pra
Genre: Pranks
Rating:50% Views:808

Big Blue Ball Of Death
Genre: Fail
Rating:67% Views:803

American Idol- Chewbac
Genre: WTF?
Rating:60% Views:801

Brother And Sister Hig
Genre: Funny
Rating:50% Views:798

Baby Wants His Bottle
Genre: Kids/babies
Rating:88% Views:796

Funny Taser Demonstrat
Genre: Fail
Rating:88% Views:795
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