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Some videos fall into multiple genres

Fat Kid Beats Up Schoo
Genre: Extreme
Rating:93% Views:6825

Hot Tub Diarrhea Accid
Genre: WTF?
Rating:89% Views:2306

Funny Cleaning Fail
Genre: Fail
Rating:83% Views:2262

Swinging On A Lamppost
Genre: Fail
Rating:75% Views:1947

Live News Blooper
Genre: Fail
Rating:67% Views:1316

Kid Gets Owned By A Gi
Genre: Fail
Rating:92% Views:1278

Knocked Out On America
Genre: Fail
Rating:60% Views:1264

Best Bloopers Ever
Genre: Funny
Rating:94% Views:1259

Drunk Girl Falls Off K
Genre: Fail
Rating:67% Views:1198

Soccer Fan Kid Pokes H
Genre: Sports
Rating:85% Views:1198

Girl Does Backflip On
Genre: Fail
Rating:79% Views:1196

Funny Slip Of The Tong
Genre: Funny
Rating:100% Views:1191

Russian News Reporter
Genre: WTF?
Rating:75% Views:1111

How Not To Catch A Gia
Genre: Fail
Rating:86% Views:1103

Minecraft Fire Making
Genre: Video Games
Rating:75% Views:1001

Trampoline Pool Jump F
Genre: Fail
Rating:80% Views:994

Chinese Kid Tases Self
Genre: Fail
Rating:75% Views:974

Fat Stripper Fail
Genre: Fail
Rating:73% Views:939

Mother Interrupts Vide
Genre: Fail
Rating:67% Views:874

Pole Dancing Fail
Genre: Fail
Rating:86% Views:858

Kid Tries To Drink Fro
Genre: Kids/babies
Rating:100% Views:838

Dumb Blonde Pole Dance
Genre: Fail
Rating:55% Views:838

Dog Humps Old Lady
Genre: Funny
Rating:57% Views:820

Dumbest Millionaire Co
Genre: Fail
Rating:100% Views:817

Big Blue Ball Of Death
Genre: Fail
Rating:67% Views:803

Funny Taser Demonstrat
Genre: Fail
Rating:88% Views:795

Elevator Rapist Owned
Genre: Extreme
Rating:67% Views:783

Zebra Attacks Woman In
Genre: Pets/wildlife
Rating:68% Views:779

Drunk Russian On The B
Genre: Fail
Rating:70% Views:760

Blonde Girl Humping Fa
Genre: Fail
Rating:100% Views:740

Have You Ever Had A Dr
Genre: Kids/babies
Rating:75% Views:737

Old Man Falls Up Escal
Genre: Fail
Rating:67% Views:715

Dad Playing Kinect Acc
Genre: Fail
Rating:89% Views:695

Spinning Mushroom Play
Genre: Fail
Rating:88% Views:691

Newswoman Live Tv Fail
Genre: Fail
Rating:88% Views:687

Girl Jumps Over A Bush
Genre: Fail
Rating:62% Views:661

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